Adversity Is a Gift

Every ‘bad’ thing that happens to you can be a catalyst for some sort of growth—if you decide so.

Difficult and desperate situations force you to attempt uncomfortable things that you would have not tried before.

They urge you to find, consider, and explore angles that you could not see before.

You are no longer able to sit back and hope or dream. Procrastination and inaction are no longer options.

Failure backs us into corners we have to think our way out of.

It implores us to do things we could find an excuse to refuse doing before.

To awaken a range of motion we did not know we had—to apply latent abilities that would have continued to lie dormant, if not for necessity.

Adversity, then, is a gift.

Or rather, it contains a gift.

What kind of idiots would we have to be to not accept it?

This is not starry-eyed idealism, nor the oft-reproached naivety of seeing the world “through rose-colored glasses.”

On the contrary: it is ruthless pragmatism; it is the ONLY practical way to approach such “negative” events.

Anything else is insanity.

Think about it.

Why would we possibly choose any other route?

What example can you think of, from your own life, where something seemingly bad ended up leading to something absolutely great?

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